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An poetry item from John D Slater.

Another from John in a lighter vein.

My Spend.

When I woke up this sunny day,

I shouted out a big hurray

Today I get my weekly pay

But at seven – it’s really spend.

The spend I get – is just shilling.

For tasks – such as coal scuttle filling

And the weekly back yard swilling

One and six would be better.

The hint’s been dropped – almost unheard

“It’s quite enough for seven – my word,”

Mum many times – has thus declared

But I’ll soon be eight – mum!”

A sixpence, threepenny bit and pence

Each Friday – after tea and thence

My spending spree – will thus commence

Look out World.

My mum says – “Do not waste it all,

At Mabel Drummond’s toffee stall

Or fizzy drinks at Mr. Ball’s

I say “Oh no mum!”

A shilling in my grubby hand,

I walk down’t street – feeling grand

The richest boy in all the land.

Ooo in’t it smashing.

I think I’ll buy a sherbet dab

Or cinder toffee in a slab

But maybe fizzy pop I’ll grab

So many choices.

My little heart is singing high,

As all the houses I pass by,

And soon the toffee shop I spy

But it’s shut.